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This is the vital statisticis we don't care about, unless you
live somewhere cool like Belgium or something

1. Name: Alice
2. Age: 17
3. Location: Just outside Newcastle
4. Marital Status: Single

Top Fives! 'This is where we ridicule you on your tastes so dont muck up and
reveal you love Avril Lavigne, OK?

1. Top five bands (at the minute, anyway) Sneakerpimps, Robots In Disguise, The Rapture, She Wants Revenge, I am X
2. Top five films (arrrgh, don't do this to me!) Bedazzled (old version), Dead Poets Society, The Machinist, Napoleon Dynamite, Not Only But Always
3. Top five life moments Seeing the Boosh live show for the first time, meeting all the Boosh; being abused by Robots In Disguise (twice); finally going to see Gary Numan; seeing the League Of Gentlemen panto
4. Top five songs that make you want to dance like Christopher Walken in the
Weapon of Choice video.
Argument by Robots In Disguise; Lovecats by The Cure; Hallo, Spaceboy by David Bowie; 20th Century Boy by TRex; Out Of Control by She Wants Revenge... oh, and Alan Partridge singing a Kate Bush meddly usually does it and all.
5. Top five TV shows The Mighty Boosh, Nighty Night, The League of Gentlemen, The West Wing, Starsky and Hutch
6. Top five crushes The entirety of The Boosh, both Robots In Disguise girls (am actually not bi, they're just fantastic! :D), Hugh Laurie, Cillian Murphy, DYLAN MORAN
7. Top five comedies/comedians Comedies: The Mighty Boosh, Spaced, Black Books, The League Of Gentlemen, Nighty Night.... Comedians: Eddie Izzard, Peter Cook, Dylan Moran, Ross Noble, The Boosh
8. Top five books Lord of the Rings, Brighton Rock, The Picture Of Dorian Gray, Tragically I Was An Only Twin, any Jeeves and Wooster books... oh, and Mark Gatiss' The Vesuvius Club

Random questions- Cause were nosey twats
1. What has been your most embarrassing moment and why? Well, most of my life is one embarrassing moment after another... I fall over quite a lot, even when I'm sober... once I slid on a wooden floor straight into a glass door. Which was amusing, so I'll say that! :D
2. What is your favourite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon? Sit down with a comedy DVD and watch it, drinking copious amounts of coffee and generally arse about pointlessly.
3. Who is your role model and why? Sadly enough, The Boosh... they've totally changed how I look at things.
4. Favourite Ice cream flavour? Mint choc chip, obviously.
5. Ever had a crush on a fictional character? Yes, still have. More than one.
6. What song do you want playing at your funeral/wedding? Goodbye Goodbye by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
7. What do you think of the mods? I don't know 'em... but I know they like the boosh, so that's good enough for me!
8. Opinions on drugs? I can't really preach to anyone, can I? *shifty eyes*

Opinions- Cmon! Annoy some people with your ‘way out’ opinions
1. Abortion? It's up to those involved, no one else has any right to stop them.
2. Religion? Whatever works best for that person.
3. War? What is it good for? Absolutely nothing... SING IT AGAIN YA'LL.
4. Santa Claus? Bugger, I wish he was real.
5. Homosexuality? No opinion... nowt controversial there, I'm afraid.
6. Isn't Final Fantasy X better than Final Fantasy 7? Yes. I know precisely what you are talking about. Yes, no I do!
7. McDonalds McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut..? S'alll gooood.

Post an ORIGINAL work. This could be a song, poem, photograph, part of a report,
piece of prose, etc. Anything that you made; it could even be a journal entry
that you thought was really funny or creative

I drew this a while ago... tis Boosh, of course!

And a photo if you’ve got one! Not that were judging you on looks, we just like
being nosey.

Umm, this is me the morning after some godforsaken night out...

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