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This is the vital statisticis we don't care about, unless you
live somewhere cool like Belgium or something

1. Name: Cordelia
2. Age: 18
3. Location: England Warwickshire
4. Marital Status: Single but I have already given my heart to someone else...

Top Fives! 'This is where we ridicule you on your tastes so dont muck up and
reveal you love Avril Lavigne, OK?

1. Top five bands Muse, The Doors, Joy division, Bauhaus, Radiohead
2. Top five films Interview with the vampire, Advent Children, the company of wolves, donnie darko, reservoir dogs
3. Top five life moments 1. Seeing Muse live 2. Seeing Radiohead live 3. Carl Barat nodding and saluting me! (yes i'm a loser XD) 4. Discovering Atsushi Sakurai (lead singer of jrock band Buck Tick) 5. Being intoduced to Anne Rice at the age of ten
4. Top five songs that make you want to dance like Christopher Walken in the
Weapon of Choice video.
I LOVE CHRISTOPHER WALKEN!! XD 1.Radiohead;Myxomatosis 2. Nine inch nails; closer to god 3.Joy division; Decades 4.Primal Scream; Miss Lucifer 5.New Order; Blue monday
5. Top five TV shows I only watch one thing on TV- THE MIGHTY BOOSH!! VINCE NOIR FOREVER!!
6. Top five crushes Vincent Valentine, Atsushi Sakurai, Klaha (ex singer of malice mizer), Tetsu (bass player of jrock band Merry), Mako (ex singer of jrock band, Deadman)
8. Top five books The Vampire Lestat; Anne Rice, Gormenghast; Mervyn Peake, The Master and Margarita; Mikhail Bulgakov, The idiot; Dostoyevsky, The Vesuvius Club; Mark Gatiss

Random questions- Cause were nosey twats
1. What has been your most embarrassing moment and why? Um...probably saying to Neil Gaiman in an effort to be cool "Hey man whats up? How you doing?" AGAHAHAGHAGAH WHY GOD WHY!?!?
2. What is your favourite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon? Well that day i'm working, but if i could I would work on my fantasy novel.
3. Who is your role model and why? I don't really have a role model, but the person i most look up to is Matt Bellamy. (GENIUS OF THE WORLD!!)
4. Favourite Ice cream flavour? Mint Chocolate
5. Ever had a crush on a fictional character? Erm...HELL YEAH!?!?! VINCENT VALENTINE IS MY OBSESSION!!
6. What song do you want playing at your funeral/wedding? Gimme Danger; the stooges
7. What do you think of the mods? Ain't sure quite yet
8. Opinions on drugs? Stupid idiot thing to do. Only people with no creativity use them.

Opinions- Cmon! Annoy some people with your ‘way out’ opinions
1. Abortion? When only a cell, I believe that it is acceptable. However when the baby is developing into a human being, and shows human features, no. However I see that some people should never have children, and abortion is the only option. I have very conflicting views on it!
2. Religion? I would actually like to be religious because i love the christian/catholic idea of angels. However I think religion is the greatest evil because it gives people a license to kill.
3. War? Sometimes it is necessary...others not.
4. Santa Claus? HE EXISTS ITS TRUE!!!
5. Homosexuality? I am a huge fan of yaoi (boy on boy sex) so bring it on!
6. Isn't Final Fantasy X better than Final Fantasy 7? NO FUCKING WAY!! FF7 has Vincent!!!
7. McDonalds McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut..? ....

Post an ORIGINAL work. This could be a song, poem, photograph, part of a report,
piece of prose, etc. Anything that you made; it could even be a journal entry
that you thought was really funny or creative

Here is a very short story i wrote a while ago. It is a theory of Rigor Mortis.

"Do you ever wonder at the all encompassing stiffness of the dead? The way mortal faces are upturned, held as rigid as the stone idols, which the sculptors and priests lend their souls in servitude? Their taunt sallow coloured hands are frozen in terrible wrenching grip, clinging desperately to something unbeknownst to us. Ask yourself why death reaps such an awful gaze upon mortals. Pupils are wide, staring into something, which can never be deduced by us. Or else their shadowy eyelids secrete and veil that indefinite, appalling gaze. Do you ever question what the last vision is? Does death ever bring us one final dream, one final image that lies upon our conscience forever? Is that what causes us to finally release our pitiful souls into the netherworlds?”

“I shall tell you. The initiator of human kind created a being who was to both curse and bless mortals in their passing. Duma- angel of the silence of death. It is not possible to describe Duma, as his beauty is the most otherworldly of them all.”

“Thus the secret of mortals hideous visage in death, is this; Duma’s beauty is so great, that he causes humans to fall in love so fast, their souls are sucked out through their eyes. Mortals are cursed because life has been stolen from them. But blessed because they are allowed to glimpse an exquisite magnificence that is unimaginable. Such violent removal of the soul causes the body to reach an immense unyielding tension.”

“Therefore the state of rigor mortis is achieved.”

And a photo if you’ve got one! Not that were judging you on looks, we just like
being nosey.

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